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Coloring Durga's Magic: Kids' Path to Inner Strength

Dive into the enchanting world of Devi Loka, where your kids will embark on an extraordinary journey alongside Goddess Durga in her battles against evil.

In this vibrant coloring book, illustrated by Sapna Patel and Taylor Sarreen, kids are invited to bring the magical realm to life with their creativity.

Explore the ten magical tools of Durga, each beautifully illustrated to spark imagination and inspire reflection.

This 44-page book goes beyond coloring; it imparts valuable life lessons, encouraging young minds to illustrate their own heroic moments.

As children immerse themselves in the captivating pages, they'll learn to support Goddess Durga through a sacred chant, connecting with the divine until her next adventure unfolds.

More than just a coloring book, this is a precious gift for nurturing children's inner strength, fostering creativity, and taking them on a captivating adventure into the world of colors.

Join us on this magical journey where every stroke of color brings forth the power of courage, imagination, and a touch of divine inspiration.

Coloring Durga's Magic: Kids' Path to Inner Strength
Coloring Durga's Magic: Kids' Path to Inner Strength

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